Flow King of the Hill 2018

Sunday May 27th, 2018 saw the first wheel turned in anger in the first weekend of Sol Rally Barbados.  The action was hot on Hangman's Hill-Lion Castle for Flow King of the Hill. King of the Hill, now in it's 11th year of running gives crews their final shakedown before the big 3 day rally. This year, 90 competitors took on the challenge of the 4.3km course.

Roger Mayers made his return to action and swiftly announced his intentions in the first run of the day. He and co-driver Jason Parkinson put in a blistering first run to lie 5th overall and fastest 2WD. However, in the second run, they encountered throttle issues which took them out of the runnings and the grasp they had on the competition slipped away.

Rhett, paired with Bradley Weekes took a steady start in the first run and increased his pace in the following runs. Dane Skeete had gone ahead with fastest 2WD time after Roger exited in the 2nd official run, but Rhett skipped them all in the 3rd run to be fastest 2WD. He had looked set to be fast in run number 4 which was rerun due to an accident, but on his rerun, he damaged his suspension and could not contend for top honours overall or in his group where he finished 2nd to Andrew Jones. 

Barry and Co driver Ben Norris had mixed fortunes on the day. Early on, they encountered a fuel leak which saw them miss the 2nd official run. On the 3rd run, their external engine kill switch was pulled by a blade of grass which shut the car down completely. On their 4th run, they encountered yellow flags at the finish due to the same accident which affected Rhett's run. It was in the rerun that it all came together and they soared to the top of the 2WD charts on Flow King of the Hill and also claimed the win in group S2.

With King of the Hill now behind them, the Speed Team now focuses their attention to Sol Rally Barbados where Barry is defending 2WD champion and Roger & Rhett have unfinished business after mechanical failures last year. Best wishes to the guys!

Article published October 21, 2018

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