Winter Rally 2020 Report

The truncated rally season came to a close with the running of the Barbados Rally Club Winter Rally. The rally ran on two venues in the East of the island; Bushy Park on the track with a short road section and a scenic route from Stewart Hill to Society in St. John.

The Speed team was represented at this event by Rhett and Barry driving their usual cars. Barry's intention on the day was to be as fast as possible. Following a bad Sol Rally Barbados he was hoping for a good event. He achieved this in running fastest 2WD overall on the day, getting the better of Andrew Jones and Josh Read. As he reflected on the outcome he stated "I wanted a win today given the disappoinment of Rally Barbados so I started at about 80 percent and pushed harder after lunch. The new stage to Society was nice. Overall it was a good finish and though the Top 3 R5's beat me I was happy to get ahead of the few if the others."

Whilst Barry's mandate was to be as fast as possible, Rhett's determination was to be as sideways as possible. He too achieved his objective, much to the adoration of the many motorsport fans who took up vantage along the two courses. Driving with plenty flair, executing handbrake turns and power slides filled with tyre smoke, the crowd stood in anticipation each time they heard the roaring BMW approaching; they were not left disappointed. Rhett said that it really was a difference driving without the pressure of going for wins or championship places and as such it was quite enjoyable.

In a year punctuated by the effects of the Covid 19 pandemic, running motorsport events was not the easiest of tasks. The challenges faced by many across the island and indeed across the globe are many. It is hoped that the race events brought some feelings of normalcy at times, became a source of enjoyment or at the very least helped to produce a smile. Here's wishing you all the best for 2021!

Article published December 17, 2020

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