Match & Win Terms & Conditions

HOW TO PLAY: For every $30.00 customers spend at Chefette (Restaurants & Drive-Thrus), Barbecue Barn (Rockley & Warrens) and Online at during the promotion period they will receive one (1) Match Card.  Customers must scratch the two circles on the Match Card to play and must match two "like prizes" to win that prize.  Cards with two prizes that are not an identical match are non-winners.

DURATION: The promotion starts Tuesday December 13th, 2022. All winning Match Cards will be honoured for redemption until Tuesday January 31st, 2023 before 4:00 p.m.

HOW TO CLAIM A PRIZE: All Instant Prizes can be redeemed at any Chefette Restaurant or Drive-Thru.  Frosteez Premium Ice Cream Bars Instant Prizes can be redeemed at Frosteez Vans.  Instant Prizes CANNOT be redeemed online at  All Match Cards are subject to verification and are automatically void if Chefette determines it to be irregular in any way. 

Article published December 12, 2022

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