Chefette and Frosteez Giving to the Children Homes Once Again

Chefette and its Frosteez Ice Cream brand have once again come together and given to the Children Homes of Barbados in 2022.

The homes:

• Carole’s Cottage

• Marina Brewster Centre at Farrs

• McManus and Ellen Horseji Centre

• Shelley’s Cottage

• Ty’s Cottage

• Violet Gittens Centre

These homes received household items for the 98 children residing there. Items such as electric kettles, microwaves, laminating machine, standing and wall fans and a deep fryer to name a few from Chefette and Frosteez. The items are given each year to the homes as part of Chefette and Frosteez Corporate Social Responsibility of giving back to the community.

Marquest Clarke-Griffith Chefette Marketing Officer stated, “Once again it was a prodigious pleasure to shop and gather these items for the homes. Gathering these items for the comfort of the children and by extension the aunties who take care of the children in the homes is something I look forward to do each year. It is very comforting to give of my time and effort.”

Julia Davis of Senior Child Care Officer (Residential Care) of the Child Care Board, said "Your generous donations and friendship during these tumultuous times has allowed us to continue providing excellent care to the nation's children. You are always there to help when it is needed. We are in genuine need of more exceptional people like you."

Photo Caption from left: Marquest Clarke-Griffith (Marketing Officer - Chefette Restaurants) Marcia Burke (House Parent), Jennifer Bailey (Houseparent), Colleen Hall-Crawford (Houseparent), Colin St. Hill (Deputy Director – Child Care Board), Enid Norville (Houseparent), Janet Jones (Houseparent) and Lisa Carter (Advertising Manager - Chefette Restaurants)

Article published January 10, 2023

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