Chefette Continues Support of Charities for World Aids Awareness Day

Since 2002 Chefette has been supporting The National HIV/AIDS Commission (NHAC) and the AIDS Food Bank by making sure that both receive the financial assistance that will assist them in supporting persons living with and affected by HIV/AIDS.

Recently, at Chefette’s corporate office, Public Relations Officer of the NHAC Fabian Todd,  received the cheque from the local Restaurant Chain and said “The National HIV/AIDS Commission (NHAC), is extremely appreciative of the financial donation given by Chefette Restaurants. This cheque will be used to help clients infected with and affected by HIV. Chefette’s efforts are commendable especially during these challenging economic times.

My Director, Dr. Jacqueline Wiltshire commits to using the funds received here today to provide crucial prevention and care support for those coping with the illness. Partnerships such as the one forged with your company over a decade now, demonstrates a sense of civic national responsibility and is pivotal to the continuity of Barbados' National AIDS Programme.

The NHAC wishes your management, staff and their immediate families a prosperous holiday season.”

Chefette also gave a generous donation to the HIV/AIDS Food Bank. Stacia Whittaker Manager of the Food Bank accepted the cheque and said “On behalf of our recipients at the HIV Food Bank we wish to thank Chefette Restaurants for your unwavering support, to those most vulnerable persons living with HIV.  Our efforts are strengthen  with the help of corporate support such as yours. Thank you for your annual contributions,  your generosity continues to make an immediate difference in those we serve.”

Chefette’s Advertising Manager Lisa Carter said “we are fully behind both the National HIV/AIDS Commission and the AIDS Food Bank in their effort in supporting persons living with and affected by HIV/AIDS. Chefette will continue to offer these charities financial assistance, and wishes them continued success as they work together to the enrichment of the lives of those affected by HIV/AIDS.

Article published November 30, 2018

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