Chefette Donates to Variety the Children’s Charity

Since 2001, boxes have been placed in Chefette’s Restaurants to encourage loyal customers and dedicated staff members to make contributions that will assist the Charities involved in the Programme. Varity the Children’s Charity is the most recent recipient of the proceeds generated from Chefette’s Donation Box Programme.

During the presentation recently held at Chefette’s Corporate office, Donnah Russell, Executive Director of Variety the Children’s Charity received the cheque and said “Chefette has been a partner of Variety – the Children’s Charity of Barbados for many, many years.  Without the generosity of the Haloutes and the Chefette team, we could not offer assistance to the hundreds of children who depend on us for transportation, school supplies, therapy and all the other services we provide to children who are mentally, physically and financially challenged.  We thank Chefette for this generous donation.”

Lisa Carter, Chefette’s advertising manager responded by saying that “the entire Chefette Family was appreciative of the generousity of their loyal customers and staff members who continue to donate significantly towards the Chefette Donation Box Programme. She noted that the various charities play a vital role in delivering assistance to many persons who are afflicted by some misfortune or another.”   

The Programme involves placing boxes at Chefette’s 15 Restaurants and two Barbecue Barns to allow patrons the opportunity to make monetary contributions.  The boxes are cleared every three months and their contents, together with additional funds made available by Chefette’s Corporate office, are donated to one of seven deserving charities.

Article published November 14, 2018

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