Chefette Assists Children Homes

Chefette Restaurants continues to demonstrate to the community their commitment to being a caring corporate citizen of Barbados by making its yearly contribution to the numerous Children’s Homes of Barbados during the Christmas period. 

Through a partnership with the Child Care Board, over 103 Children in our Island’s Children’s Homes benefited from the generous donation, provided by the local Restaurant Chain. The homes that were assisted are:

  • Violet Gittens Centre
  • Marina Brewster Centre at Farrs
  • Ixora Cottage
  • Lily Cot Cottage
  • Carole's Cottage
  • McManus & Ellen Horejsi Centre

Donations included small appliances such as electric kettles, clothes irons, standing fans; and toiletries including soaps; shampoos; toothpaste; diapers; and baby wipes. Other items donated were clothes-lines, lanterns, dishes, cups and bottles.

During the presentation, recently held at Chefette’s Corporate Office, Representatives of the Child Care Board received the items and expressed gratitude and lauded Chefette for donating the items which are very much appreciated by the children and the house parents.

Chefette’s Marketing Officer, Marquest Clarke-Griffith was pleased to hand over the items and said “Chefette has been a keen supporter in giving to the homes which by extention help the children with their needs.  Among our many community efforts, we are committed to supporting the Children homes continuously.”

Article published January 01, 2019

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