Chefette Assists Children Homes

Chefette Restaurants, continues to support the wider community in their outreach activities and this year once again provided assistance to the seven children’s homes in Barbados. 

  1. Carole’s Cottage
  2. Lilly Cot Cottage
  3. Ixora Cottage
  4. Marina Brewster Centre at Farrs
  5. MC Manuf & Ellen Horejsic Centre
  6. Sterling
  7. Violet Gittens Centre

Donations of appliances such as Electric Kettles, Irons, Toaster Ovens, Standing Fans, in addition to Teapots, Bowls, Cups, Drink Bottles, Pampers, Baby Wipes, Curtains, Chair Covers and Sheet Sets were some of the items presented to the Children’s homes. 
Senior Child Care Officer of the Child Care Board, Mr. Colin St. Hill stated, “the board is impressed by the long-term commitment Chefette has shown to the well-being of the children in the homes over the years. All the items donated were practical and colourful and will certainly add to the decor to the homes.”

Chefette Advertising Manager Lisa Carter said, “ we are happy to give assistance to the Child Care Board and by extension the Children’s Homes. We view this as part of our social responsibility to the community and we know that these items donated will go towards making Christmas more comfortable for the children.”

Article published November 13, 2017

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