Top 11+ Performers Rewarded by Chefette & Frosteez

Chefette Restaurants and Frosteez Ice Cream recognized this year’s top achievers of the Common Entrance Examination for their outstanding performances. These companies have been focusing on investment in many social and youth related areas, and naturally seek to acknowledge the exceptional performance of the students. Recently at Chefette’s corporate office, the two most outstanding male and female students on the Island, were each presented with a laptop, printer, Chefette vouchers and promotional items.

Chefette’s Managing Director, Ryan Haloute said “We congratulate all these kids, parents, family, teachers and entire support system for the amazing achievement especially in a year where the kids were even more-so challenged with all the hurdles in front of them. We encourage them all to have BIG dreams and aim even higher at whatever they believe can be attained.”

This year, the Island’s top students are Renelle Best of St. Gabriel’s School, Azario Gooding of St. George Primary, Vijay Mc Clean of Charles F. Broome Primary, and Tashonna Henry of Hindsbury Primary. These students will all be attending Queens College in the new school year.

Chefette’s in-house competition was won by Gariyah Bentham of Christ Church Girls, who placed first, and second placed Kaitlyn Haloute of St. Angela’s School. Third placed was won by Aaron Sargeant who attended Trinity Academy. These students will be attending The St. Michael School, St. Winifred’s and Christ Church Foundation respectively.

Gariyah and Kaitlyn also won a laptop, printer, Chefette vouchers and promotional items. However, as an act of kindness, Kaitlyn, daughter of our Managing Director Ryan Haloute, gave her laptop and printer to third placed winner Aaron Sargeant who was very grateful for the kind gesture. Aaron’s mother Laneisa Sargeant, spoke on behalf of his family and said “We are extremely appreciative of the kind gesture offered by Chefette. The laptop and printer will indeed help Aaron with the many assignments he is expected to receive in Secondary School.”

Article published September 15, 2022

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