Chefette Still Lending a Helping Hand

In 2007, Chefette reached out to the three remaining children of the Arch Cot Terrace tragedy, Doniko, Xavier and Doniya. Khalia Went, child of Kelly-Ann Welch of the Campuz Trendz Fire was added to the family in 2010 along with Rasonte Parsons who was diagnosed with Sickle Cell Anaemia as a baby. The family extended in 2012 with another child, Krishawn Greaves, who was diagnosed with a medical condition Angiodema. The children who range in ages 3 months old to 11 years old at that time is now 15 years old to 21 years old in 2022.

Marquest Clarke-Griffith Marketing Officer of Chefette Restaurants stated, “We at Chefette are so elated to see how fast and wonderful the children have grown in 15 years and continuing to do very well in their studies so far. It gives great pleasure to know what is given to the children is received with the same token of appreciation.”

Sophia Parsons mother of Rasonte said, “Through the years Ryan and his amazing team Marquest & Lisa have been a blessing to all of us by assisting in ways beyond any charity or organization would normally assist when giving. Not only have they assisted financially but the moral support, taking the time to be involved with each family, the love extended even after their commitment is over, the gatherings whenever we eat, mingle and laugh together have demonstrated this heart to each of us.

Your consistency, commitment, love and unwavering support through some difficult times where some of us experienced lost of love ones, jobs, etc. And you chose to be a support system, a concern listening ear. We say a heartfelt thanks to each of you and we truly appreciate each of you.”

Article published September 22, 2022

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