Don't Waste Barbados

"As a socially responsible corporate citizen we are proud to partner with Don't Waste Barbados and Ellipsis to contribute to a cleaner Barbados. We see the "Don't Waste Barbados campaign" as a mechanism to educate our children and at the same time support the development of our society and change attitudes in order to maintain a cleaner Barbados for citizens and visitors alike. We therefore look forward to working with you to make this a success."

The ‘Don’t Waste Barbados’ campaign is collaborating with Ellipsis Earth, a UK based company who are harnessing the power of drone technology and heat mapping to identify and locate litter sources so these can be better addressed through national or community-based clean-ups.

The three-week pilot programme will see students embark on data collection using their mobile phones or tablets within their own communities. The team at Ellipsis Earth will work with students through recorded and live demonstration sessions to familiarize them with the technology.

Registration is now open to students between 11-18 years old, you can receive more information on the programme directly from your school or email

Register using the link:

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Chefette Restaurants continues to promote the exciting Ellipsis Educate Programme, aimed at young people age 8-18. We have an admirable interest in young people and we are happy to be associated with youth oriented programmes conducted by Don’t Waste Barbados.

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Article published January 02, 2022

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