Chefette Special Tours

Over 400 students from 8 Primary schools enjoyed themselves at places of interest and then had lunch at one of Chefette recently.

Students, ranging in the age group from 4 - 12, from Bay Primary, Christ Church Girls’, St. George Primary, St. Lawrence Primary, St. Joseph Primary, The Ifill School, Vauxhall Primary and Workman’s Primary school were given the opportunity to experience touring some places of interest, The Ifill School toured The Atlantis Submarine, Harrison’s Cave was toured by Bay Primary & Christ Church Girls school, PEG Farm & Nature Reserve was toured by schools St. Lawrence Primary, St. George Primary & Workman’s Primary. St. Joseph Primary toured the Arch Hall Fire Station, and Vauxhall Primary toured the Airport Fire Station.

Akiel Grimes teacher of The Ifill School said “the food and service was exceptional. The children had a fantastic time! The Atlantis Submarine tour was amazing.”

Julia Agard of St. Lawrence Primary affirmed “the tour was very informative and was somewhat linked to aspects of the curriculum. The food was delicious and fresh.”

Marquest Clarke-Griffith, Chefette’s marketing officer, avowed “These tours bring a different component of learning to the children. It is often heard in the media that schools need to introduce new and innovative ways to teach children. Chefette is proud to say we are pioneers in this field, as we have been giving tours to schools, camps, churches and groups between the ages of 5 - 16 for over 25 years.”

Article published December 31, 2019

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