Chefette Assists the Children’s Homes Once Again

Chefette Restaurants continues to play its part in assisting in the local community. Since 2003, The Children’s Homes has been receiving donations from the local Restaurant chain in Barbados. These donations come in the form of various items.

This year the homes Carole’s Cottage, Ixora, Lilly Cot, Marina Brewster Centre at Farrs, Mc Manus & Ellen Horejsi Centre, Stirlings and Violet Gittens Centre received various household items, nightwear, cutlery, clocks, radios and toiletries.

Chefette’s Marketing Officer Marquest Clarke-Griffith stated “it gives me a warmth and wonderful feeling each year when I go shopping for the children and by extension the homes. It is always awesome to give back and knowing that a child is being helped in some way is more than rewarding for me as a citizen and also an employee of an organization that continues to give back. We are extremely happy to do this year after year.”

Julia Davis Residential Coordinator of the Child Care Board said “The Child Care Board wishes to express sincere appreciation to Chefette Restaurants and Ms. Akela Jones for your generous donations of items to our Residential Care Centres. It is these acts of kindness that go a long way in highlighting the benevolence of our people and the commitment of corporate Barbados to assist our most valuable assets: our children”, “the smallest act of kindness is worth more than the grandest intentions” Oscar Wilde.

Once again the Board thanks you for your interest in the nation’s children and looks forward to your continue support.

Article published December 29, 2019

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