Chefette Special Tours for over 450 Children

Smiling faces, laughter, exclamations of excitement and plenty questions asked were some of the characteristics seen and heard when Chefette continued their Special tours to places of interest in Barbados with children from eight (8) primary schools: Deacons Primary, Leacock’s Private School, St. Margaret’s Primary, Ignatius Byer Primary, Eden Lodge Primary. St. Elizabeth Primary, Hindsbury Primary and Legacy Preparatory Inc. enjoyed visiting Harrison’s Cave, PEG Farm & Nature Reserve and The Airport Fire Station.

Ms. Maynard of Eden lodge Primary stated, “This tour was very informative. The students showed great interest in every aspect. This was certainly worthwhile.” The school toured the Airport Fire Station.

“The tour was very educational. The tour guide was able to keep the children engaged as she shared some new yet interesting information. Lunch was good also.” This was said by Ms. Hayde Principal of St. Margaret’s Primary School and they toured PEG Farm and Nature Reserve.

Marquest Clarke-Griffith Marketing Officer of Chefette Restaurants said, “It is always a welcoming feeling to be part of a company that contributes to giving back to the community and finding ways to help children to enjoy their school life in different ways.”

All Teachers and Students were treated to lunch at various Restaurants of Chefette and given Promotional Items as a thank you as well.

Article published April 23, 2019

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