Chefette Supports Barbados Alliance to End Homelessness

Since 2011 Chefette Restaurants has been giving financial assistance to The Barbados Alliance to End Homelessness (BAEH) formerly known as the Barbados Vagrants and Homeless Society (BVHS).

Following a presentation held recently, Kemar Safrey - President of the BAEH expressed gratitude to the local restaurant chain. He said “Thank you for the generous donation and for believing in our mission and purpose as an organization. Our mission is To rehabilitate and re-integrate those affected by vagrancy back into mainstream society. We would like to express our deepest gratitude to you for considering us. Realising our purpose would never be possible without persons like you who support our cause. For that, we say THANK YOU!”

“As we move forward, we the members and staff of the Barbados Alliance to End Homelessness hope that our partnership can continue to improve the circumstances of the homeless/vagrant community. Once again, we appreciate your donation and we are truly thankful for all that is done by the Chefette Family. We wish you a fruitful year as our efforts can only be preserved by caring members of the community like you.”

Chefette’s Advertising Manager, Lisa Carter responded by stating, “We are honoured to contribute to the excellent work done by the BAEH to provide the much-needed assistance to the homeless and less fortunate persons among us. We are mindful that the demand for your help would be increased as more families feel the impact of the Global Pandemic. It is our desire to continue to give assistance financially and in kind as we support the good work the Alliance is doing within our community.”

Article published March 09, 2021

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