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Motorsports Clubs

Chefette Restaurants Limited is proud to be the official restaurant of the following Motorsports Clubs:

Barbados Association of Dragsters and Drifters


The formation of the Barbados association of Dragsters and Drifters as a result of a discussion between Colin Goodman and Sederick ‘Bugs’ Shepherd, who two motor sports stalwarts. Colin spoke to Bugs about the increase in number of drivers who were involved in illegal drag racing at night and came to the conclusion that if a club was formed, it may reduce these numbers.

Colin knew that they would need assistance and immediately thought of the late John "Tiny" Harrison, who himself had been involved with almost all of the motor sports organisations in Barbados.

An initial meeting, chaired by ‘Tiny’ Harrison, was held and showed promise, with a healthy number of motor sports enthusiasts attending, contributing freely and showing great optimism. While most persons taking part were interested in the dragging aspect of racing, the prospects of drifting, a recent phenomenon that is hugely popular among the younger generation was also discussed.

After a few more meetings which saw other motor sports enthusiasts such as Patrick Edey, Richard Rollins, Dwayne White and Danny Croney, being involved, the organisation was started and appropriately called the Barbados Association of Drifters and Draggers (BADD).

Barbados Rally Club


The Barbados Rally Club is responsible for organising both Stage and Navigational Rallying. Founded in 1957, it is the oldest motorsports club on the island of Barbados. 

In 2008 The Barbados Rally Club re-branded 4x4 motorsport which included the navigational events as well as the new challenge events which have become known as Mud Fests. Hence, the Mud Dogs were born. Anyone with a four wheel drive jeep or pick up can compete; no additional equipment is necessary.