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Wing Dings are back!

The Wing Dings Special is back! Starting Monday May 4th 2015, at all 15 locations [...]

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Veggie Roti Special

Our next special is one of our healthy choices! THE VEGGIE ROTI! Starting Monday April 27th, 2015, you can purchase [...]

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BBQ Barn Menu Additions

The BBQ Barn has added 2 new Starters for you to choose from - Pork Riblets and the Supreme [...]

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2015 Speed Team Cups

Chefette Speed Team 32oz Jumbo cup promotion is back!!

Starting on Friday, April 17th, Chefette is [...]

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Fanta Orange Now Available

Chefette has a great new soft drink flavour for you to try - Fanta Orange, starting Monday, April 13th [...]

March 2015 Recap - MudDogs and Spring Blaze

After a long layoff following the 2014 season end, competitive motorsport on the island of Barbados [...]

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Chefette’s New Cookie Dough Pie

Starting on Monday March 16th, is a NEW and exciting dessert, the Cookie Dough Pie. It is made with [...]

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Caramel Swirl Ice cream

Are you ready for our newest ice cream flavour Caramel Swirl? This delicious combination of white Vanilla, Chocolate and Caramel [...]

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Midnight Cookies & Cream Ice-Cream

Chefette has a new ice-cream flavour for you to try - Midnight Cookies & Cream! [...]

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Pistachio Ice-Cream

Chefette has a new delicious ice-cream flavour for you to try! Starting Saturday August 10th [...]

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