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Whole Pizza Special

Chefette's Whole Pizza Special returns just in time for the End of School Term!

Starting Monday [...]

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Cotton Candy Ice Cream

Chefette has a new fun and exciting ice cream flavour for you to try - Cotton Candy.

From Friday [...]

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Bone-In Striploin Steak

Barbecue Barn introduces another mouth-watering special.

Starting on Monday June 19th 2017 at BBQ [...]

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Pork Burger Special!

Chefette introduces another mouth watering Special! Starting Monday 12th June 2017 [...]

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Lentil Roti

The Lentil Roti is one of our NEW healthy choices.  

Starting Monday 29th  May 2017, you can [...]

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Buffalo Poppers

Rockley and Warrens BBQ Barns are offering a NEW delicious starter.  Starting Monday May 22, 2017 [...]

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Fanta Orange Now Available

Chefette has a great soft drink flavour for you to try - Fanta Orange, starting Monday, May 15th [...]

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5 BBQ Tenders

Rockley and Warrens BBQ Barns are offering another delicious starter.  Our BBQ Chicken Tenders [...]

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Chocolate Ice-Cream

Chefette is happy to announce the return of the Chocolate flavour to our ice-cream lineup. [...]

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OREO Cookies & Creme Pie Special

Hey Oreo lovers, we've got great news for you! The Oreo Crème Pie is back! [...]