Honey BBQ Wings At the BBQ Barn

Rockley and Warrens BBQ Barns are offering another NEW and exciting Platter and Starter/Appetizer.  Starting Monday March 26th, 2018 the Honey BBQ Wings Platter & Starter specials can be purchased as:

  1. Honey BBQ Wings PLATTER: For only $29.95 you can have 4 Whole Honey BBQ Wings served with 1 Side, 1 Garnish & 1 Honey BBQ Sauce.
  2. Honey BBQ Wings STARTER: For only $15.95 you can have 3 Whole Honey BBQ Wings
  3. The Supreme Sampler: For $18.95 you can choose any unique 3 of the following appetisers which are served with 2 sauces, (Note: customers cannot choose two of the same appetiser)
    • 3 Buffalo Wings
    • 2 Whole Honey BBQ Wings
    • 3 Onion Rings
    • 3 Mozzarella Sticks
    • 3 Jalapeno Poppers


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