Chefette Kids

Frequently Asked Questions: Kids

Is the playground reserved for birthday parties?

A strategic location is reserved for birthday parties. We do not do exclusivity.

Can I bring any food or refreshments to a birthday party?

You can only bring light snacks such as Pringles, sweets, nuts or corn curls.

How many children can attend a birthday party?

The maximum number of children for a party is normally 30. However the maximum number at Black Rock is 40.

How far in advance am I required to book a birthday party?

You should book the party at least 2 weeks in advance. However, due to the popularity of our parties, you should try to book even earlier than that. 

What is the required deposit that must be made to book a birthday party?

In order to book a kid's party you have to make a deposit of $150 at least two weeks in advance. This deposit is redeemable in food on the day of the party. However, if you order more than $150 worth of food at the party, you pay the difference.

When does the required deposit have to be paid by?

The required deposit of $150 has to be paid at least 2 weeks in advance.

Am I restricted to a limited or special menu for birthday parties?

No, the customer is free to choose any item(s) from the regular Chefette menu.

Does Chefette provide face painting as a part of the birthday party package?

Face painting is NOT included in the birthday party package. However, we can provide you with a contact name and number for a face painter. 

Can I pay for my party online?

No, not at the moment.

Where can I pay for my party?

The $150 deposit for parties can be paid at both our Fontabelle and Wildey Corporate Offices

How much do you have to pay for tours?

The tours are provided free of cost.

What days are tours offered?

Tours are done on Tuesdays and Thursdays.