Helping Hand Fund

The Chefette Helping Hand Fund was established in 1989 to support families and staff members in need especially with kids who require medical surgeries & assistance.

Rasonte Parsons

Rasonte is a bubbly child full of energy and liveliness who has lost her limbs (legs & arms) from a young baby through sickle cell. Rasonte loves to swim, play with her pet dog…. and enjoy doing all the things kids with all limbs can do.

Khalia Went

Khalia lost her mum on September 3, 2010 from the tragic Campus Trendz fire.  Chefette once again showed its commitment to the community by providing annual monetary assistance until she reaches the age of 18.  Khalia is a quiet reserved child that enjoys playing with her cousins & dolls.

Codrington & Linton Children: Donico, Doniya, & Zavier

In 2007 Barbados experienced a tragedy where a family lost 5 members after their apartment were destroyed in Arch Cot. Children of the parents Donico, Zavier & Doniya will receive monetary donations annually until they reach the age of 18. These funds will go towards medical expenses and their education.

Marlon Knight

On October 5, 1992 Marlon lost part of his right arm (from just below the elbow) after attempting to retrieve one of his favourite toys from his father’s meat grinder.  He was one of the very first kids to receive annual support from the Chefette Helping Hand Fund.  In addition to annual monetary assistance, Chefette also treated Marlon to a party at the Holetown branch in 2003 and monetary assistance when he travelled overseas to play cricket in 2007.

Jolaina Waldron

Jolaina suffers from a neurodevelopment disorder called Rett Syndrome, a rare disease which affects 1 in 10,000 births. The Chefette Helping Hand fund has provided her with monetary donations to assist with her medical bills. 

Krishawn Greaves

Since 2011, young Krishawn Greaves has been benefiting from the Chefette Helping Hand fund.  Krishawn was diagnosed with angioedema – a swelling that occurs under the skin.  As a result of this condition, Krishawn has to receive medical care overseas.