Chefette’s responsible environmental practices are driven by the following three values: education, reduce and reuse.  As a constant reminder to all of our customers, “Protecting Our Environment… Recycle, Reduce & Reuse!” is printed on all of our packaging which includes our cups, boxes, bags and napkins.  Chefette leads by example as the company is known for always maintaining a clean operating environment.  Chefette is always looking for more ways to continue to reduce excessive operating materials such as paper by storing as much documents as possible electronically.  Chefette’s reuse strategy consists of reusable shipping pallets throughout its delivery system and also its oil whereby the used cooking oil is collected several times a week by an external source that in turn recycles it for use in biodiesel. 

Chefette will continue to strive to do business in an environmentally friendly manner by exploring new practices.  A few of the practices that the company will be exploring for the future are the reuse of its cooking oil in bio-diesel trucks and constructing more green friendly buildings and equipment.