Chefette continuously supports numerous educational initiatives such as school year books, graduation ceremonies, sports days, annual fairs & car boot sales by donation of funds, food, Chefette vouchers & promotional items to be used as giveaways and in lucky dips.


Chefette provides free tours to schools and camps at selected locations and days. This guided tour provides the kids with an inside look at the company's high procedures & standards and allows them to interact with the staff. Every year Chefette provides tours to over 4,000 kids.

The St. Patrick's Roman Catholic School Chefette Scholarships

Since 1987, Chefette has funded an annual scholarship program to the St. Patrick’s Roman Catholic School which serves to financially aid those students in dire need. The school has an approximate roll of 200 students, all of whom will benefit from the funds contributed annually.

Common Entrance Examination

Since 1997, Chefette rewards the top two (2) Girls and two (2) Boys in Barbados of the annual Common Entrance Examination (11+ Exam) in addition to the top Girl and top Boy from its internal staff members each with a desktop computer/laptop, printer, monetary prize and Chefette food vouchers & promotional items for their academic excellence.

Lions Club of Bridgetown Spelling Bee Competition

Since 2010, Chefette has sponsored the Lions Club of Bridgetown Spelling Bee Competition.  Barbados is a county that prides itself on its high literacy rate and efforts like this go a long way towards maintaining that excellence.

Ellerton Primary Special Unit

In September 2011, Chefette donated a new swing set, which replaced a previous set donated by the company almost ten years prior, to the special needs kids at the Ellerton Primary Special Unit.