Training and Education

Chefette Restaurants Limited is fully committed to growing the talent within its family of employees. We have always been heavily focused on the continuous development of our team. We invest in top of the line products to custom design the training packages provided to our group and pair up with subject matter experts in the industry to coordinate and deliver high quality, interactive sessions aimed at supporting the development of our employees and the organizational objectives of Chefette.

The company has an internal Training Department which custom designs and delivers in-house training programs for the various employee groups within the Chefette and ensures that the annual training calendar is crammed with developmental initiatives.  The organization also partners with external subject matter experts to custom design and deliver training sessions for its various employee groups and coordinates attendance to courses, workshops and seminars to provide further developmental opportunities.

It should be noted that the company not only partners with subject matter experts on custom designing training programs but the organization also partners with room design experts and invests in training equipment and furniture to ensure that our training environment is designed for the interactive and versatile learning and development needs of the employee groups within our family.

Executive Chairman Assad Haloute has always said “You have to spend money to make money. Once staff are happy and well trained, customers in turn will be happy.” Perhaps because he was never able to pursue anything further than a high school education, having to go to work from an early age to help his family, he insists that the organization he built is committed to training and education.