Training and Development

Training is an important part of our company’s work ethic and begins as soon as you join the Chefette Family through our intensive orientation program. We have always been, and will always be, committed to the continuous development of the talent within our team. We invest in top of the line products to custom design the training packages provided to our group and pair up with subject matter experts in the industry to deliver high quality, interactive sessions aimed at supporting the development of our employees and the organizational objectives of Chefette.

Personal growth and career advancement opportunities

Chefette prides itself on having a culture that fosters promotion from within. Our family has a number of success stories of employees who have entered the organization at entry level positions before rising through our ranks to eventually settle in management and senior management positions.

In addition to gaining skills and knowledge in the food service and hospitality industry, employees within the Chefette Family learn teamwork, leadership skills, communication and customer service skills, self discipline, responsibility and time management. Over the past four decades many employees have either stayed with Chefette in successful careers or moved on to other careers using their Chefette experience as a solid foundation.

Awards Programmes

At Chefette, we recognise and reward excellence, whether it is in the form of top performance, perfect attendance, superb service or outstanding teamwork. Prizes include: 

  • Deluxe spa treatments
  • Cash bonuses
  • All-inclusive weekend hotel accommodations
  • And even trips overseas!

Other Benefits

In addition to the benefits outlined earlier, employees benefit from:

  • Medical & pension plans for admin staff
  • Consistent salary and wage increases
  • Job security
  • Cash for ideas
  • Employee discounts and free meals
  • Chefette food complementaries for long-serving persons
  • Free uniforms
  • Free ham or turkey at Christmas