Barbecue Barn

Barbecue Barn Locations

Barbecue Barn offers you the best in fast casual dining at affordable prices. 

Experience fine four course dining in cool air-conditioned surroundings. Enjoy an atmosphere of casual sophistication, with warm staff helping to create a unique ambience. 

Two Locations

Barbecue Barn boasts two convenient locations on the island:

  1. Rockley located opposite the popular Accra Beach on the South Coast in Christ Church
  2. The newly renovated, centrally located Warrens in St. Michael, just outside the City on the popular Highway 2A. 

Opening Hours

Barbecue Barn is open from 12 noon to 11:30 p.m. everyday. For your added convenience, call our Hotline at 436-5000 for take-away or pre-order eat-in. Group bookings are also available upon request.