Frequently Asked Questions

How did the name Chefette originate?

The name Chefette was born from combining the words “Chef” (to cook) and “Fete” (to party).

Does Chefette offer a delivery service?

Chefette does not offer a delivery service as managing the quality of the numerous items on our menu would be extremely challenging in addition to the logistical challenges of offering this type of service.  Chefette’s strategy has instead been to offer added convenience by implementing Drive-Thrus in as many locations as possible and also having Hotlines for Pizza and the Barbecue Barn which can be used for take-away orders or pre-order eat-in.

Does Chefette offer franchising opportunities?

The question has been asked by many and numerous times over the years – when will Chefette open a location outside of Barbados?  The company is not ruling this option out.  The challenge with this has always been that much of Chefette’s success has been due to its staff and the way senior management keeps a hands-on approach to the daily operations of the restaurant chain.  If the company decides to go overseas, it must accept that it will need to change its current management style and structure but still offer the same great taste, flavour and wide choice menu to its customers.

What is a Roti?

The word roti, in the West Indies, refers to a dish of curried ingredients wrapped in a pastry which is generally made from wheat-flour, salt and water cooked on a large flat griddle.  Curry is now an international dish recognized around the world.  Curry powder available in the supermarkets is not a single spice but a blend of spices.  Curry powder is like chili powder in that everyone has their own recipe and each one is unique.  One common thread in many curry powder mixtures is turmeric, which gives curry its distinctive yellow colour.  Since 1972, Chefette has been serving mouth-watering tasty rotis to the Barbadian public and visitors at large.  Chefette’s rotis are made with genuine curry imported directly from India, the country that curry originated from.

Can Chefette rotis be purchased to take overseas?

Yes.  Chefette offers a "Rotis to Go" service allowing customers to purchase HOT rotis wrapped in extra foil at no additional charge.  Customers can contact the Chefette Airport location at (246) 418-8770, 24 hours in advance, to order FROZEN rotis at no additional charge to take overseas.

Where is Chefette located?

Currently, Chefette only has locations in Barbados.  We have 15 quick service restaurants, 10 drive-thrus, 8 playgrounds (6 of which are MEGA multi-storey playgrounds) and 2 fast casual restaurants under the brand Barbecue (BBQ) Barn.

How do I contact Chefette?

E-mail or call Chefette’s corporate offices at (246) 430-3300.

What are the Hotline numbers?

Pizza Hotline: (246) 436-6000

BBQ Barn Hotline: (246) 436-5000

Does Chefette serve breakfast?

Chefette’s location on the landside of the Grantley Adams International Airport adjacent to the departure hall serves breakfast daily from 6:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m.

How do I purchase Chefette Gift Certificates?

Chefette gift certificates can be purchased up to Bds$ 200 in total value from any of the restaurants or drive-thrus.  Customers receive a 10% discount on bulk purchases over Bds$ 400.  Chefette gift certificates are also redeemable in Barbecue Barn locations (Rockley & Warrens).

How do I purchase Chefette Merchandise?

Chefette merchandise or promotional items can be purchased at Chefette’s corporate office located on Harbour Road, St. Michael, Bridgetown, Barbados. You can also view the merchandise and promotional items we have available by visiting the merchandise page on our website.

Why isn’t the Wing Dings Special a permanent menu item?

Periodically the popular Wing Dings special is offered by Chefette at all locations.  This menu item cannot be permanent due to the shortage of supply of wings on the island and the import ban on chicken products.

How do I host a birthday party or special occasion at Chefette or Barbecue Barn?

To get information on hosting a birthday party, see our Birthday Parties page on our website. For adults you can rent out the BBQ Barn for private functions. More information can be found here.